Ladyboy Show 1On my trip to Thailand, I was determined to visit Ladyboy Show. Whether you are part of the LGBT community or straight, whether you’re in “the scene” or not, a Ladyboy Show has become a big part of modern Thai culture.

Not to be confused with Thailand’s controversial “Sex Shows” (which I am opposed to and refuse to visit, for many reasons), a Ladyboy Show is basically a well choreographed drag show with entertaining lip-synching to current songs, fabulous costumes, and above all, those wonderful Thai smiles.

I got the opportunity to go see a show in Chiang Mai with some of the people in my tour (a straight guy, two girls and me), and we all enjoyed. Why? Because the show was a great time. Light-hearted, funny and varied, with just a dash of over-dramatic. Lots of glitter and feathers, and lip-synching to upbeat popular songs. Everything that one hopes to get out of a drag show.

The entrance to the show was free, and drinks were as cheap as anywhere else in the city, so essentially it is free entertainment. If you take photos with the girls after the show is over, you should tip them (a 20 baht bill (CDN $0.65) will suffice for a quick photo-op).

Do beware that if you seat in the front row, the girls might give you a lap dance or use your body otherwise, in a playful and respectful way, of course. So keep your distance if you’re not comfortable with being the centre of attention!