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 Day #12: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Hope everyone is celebrating whatever you celebrate with loved ones, wherever you are. Best wishes for the season xx.

Me and Ryan Aboard the Christmas Sleigh at Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver Canada (Canyon Lights 2012)

Me and Ryan on a Christmas Sleigh at Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge. Vancouver, Canada (December 2012)

Taking a day off from Christmas Posts to celebrate a (more important?) event, and wish everyone a Happy End of the World!

The Main Pyramid of Chichén Itzá, Built by the Mayas

The Main Pyramid of Chichén Itzá, Built by the Mayas

As misinterpreted by who-knows-who, and believed by an estimated 10% of the population (according to surveys ran world-wide), the Mayans “predicted” the world would end today, the 21st of December of 2012, though a series of catastrophic events that would destroy earth and all humanity.

Best of luck for the new 5125-year cycle, starting tomorrow, and may you keep enjoying plenty of travels in the coming future. How about taking a trip over to the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, epicentre of the Mayan Culture, to celebrate the start of the new cycle?!

Vancouver celebrated its 34th Pride festival, culminating in the Pride Parade last Sunday 5th of August.

Being the world’s 5th biggest LGBT event, this year’s Pride parade had about 150 floats and 600,000 attendees.

Check out some pictures from the event:

My Friend Samantha and I, Enjoying the Parade

My Friend Samantha and I, Enjoying the Parade

20120809-092248.jpgDykes on Bikes, Opening the Parade

20120809-092355.jpgNaturally Proud: The City of Vancouver’s Float





20120809-092556.jpgDrag Show at an After Party at Denman Taphouse

Vancouver is ready for the Pride Parade, happening this Sunday 5th of August 2012 from 12PM. The LGBT festival has become one of Vancouver’s can’t-miss summer events, celebrating the diversity, unity, and acceptance the city is known for.


Did you know that Vancouver hosts the fifth largest Pride festival in the world? Celebrating its 34th anniversary this year, the parade has over half a million attendees!

Check out these pictures of Vancouver getting pretty for Pride.





Vancouver’s Artsclub theatre company is presenting Xanadu, the hilarious musical based on the 1980’s film starring Olivia Newton John, at its Granville Island Stage location this summer, until the 4th of August 2012.

The Trees,Waterfront, and Bridge of Granville Island Reflect on the Xanadu Official Poster

Living with a Roller Derby girl when I lived in Sydney, Australia, whose derby name is Xanadon’t, I often heard about the inspiration to her name, but knew nothing about Xanadu, save for the fact that it was somehow related to roller skating.

I had the opportunity to visit Granville Island Stage last night to see the show, and was pleasantly surprised. The show is very over the top and flamboyant, full of colour, and bursting with references to the 80’s. Overall, the show is absolutely hilarious and definitely worth checking out. This Artsclub installation showcases some excellent local talent, on both the part of the cast and the three-piece band, as well as beautiful (sometimes laugh-outloud funny) costumes.

XANADU Signs Lead the Way to the Entrance of the Granville Island Stage

The Artsclub is one of Vancouver’s most prominent (non-broadway) theatre companies, bringing dozens of musicals and plays to the city at affordable prices. The stages are usually simple and minimal, yet strong enough to portray the settings they intend to, and the local talent is outstanding.

Xanadu runs this summer from the 21st of June 2012 until the 4th of August 2012. Tickets are available from $29 to $54 depending on seating zone. I highly recommend it!

The Artsclub‘s Granville Island Stage is located at:
103 1496 Cartwright St
Vancouver, BC

Happy Independence Day to my friends in the USA. Hope you enjoy the celebrations!


USA Flags Fly Proudly at Rockefeller Plaza, New York City

Week of Romance continues throughout this week, with posts dedicated to love and romance depicted in art around places I’ve visited. Happy Valentines!

“Engagement” by Dennis Oppenheim

This piece of public art by renowned artist Dennis Oppenheim depicts two rings symbolizing love, loyalty and union. The sculpture, reaching nearly five metres, was originally part of the Vancouver Biennale art exhibition in 2007. At the end of the exhibition, the city acquired the rings as a gifts to the citizens of Vancouver.

“Engagement” can be appreciated on the seawall by Sunset Beach on the South of Vancouver’s downtown. Make sure to also take a look of the sculpture at night, as the diamonds on top of the rings light up!

Happy Valentines Day 2012! To celebrate the day of love and romance, I’m writing a post about one of my favourite parts of this special day: chocolate! (Ah yes, I guess the entire romance thing should be up there too)…

Have you ever visited a Max Brenner chocolate boutique? This Israeli chocolate restaurant has expanded out of Israel and into Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and the United States. I had the opportunity to visit their Manly, Sydney location two weeks ago with my friend Dave, and was truly impressed by our desserts.

My Brownie Sunday Dessert

Yes, AUD$13 for a dessert seems a little steep. What I should have known before ordering, is that we really should have shared one dessert between the two of us, as the size and sweetness is too much for one person!

What better way to treat your special someone on Valentines (or any other day) than to take them to a Max Brenner chocolate boutique and share a chocolatey dessert… Well, other than with some kind of romantic gesture… Say, a walk along Manly beach after a brownie Sunday?

Dave’s Crazy Ice-Cream Sandwich

Max Brenner Manly is located inside the Manly ferry terminal wharf.

Gong Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year 2012!

Best wishes in health, fortune, love and friendships to all my readers and your families in the new year.

Chinese New Years Dragon Decoration at Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

Happy New Years to everyone!

This year I had the amazing opportunity to watch the New Years Eve Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks – one of the world’s most iconic New Years celebrations.

The 16-minute affair was truly a spectacle. I was lucky enough to get this unobstructed view of the bridge and the fireworks from the street I live in, in Sydney’s Potts Point inner suburb!

Sydney Harbour Bridge: New Years Eve Fireworks

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